We were delighted to be mentioned by the team of Family Fun Edmonton for our excellent Preschool Programs.

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To find out more about the Discovery Place Preschool Program nearest you, please refer to the "Our Centres" tab to select a site.

Preschool Programs for the 2018/19 year are mostly full, but you can contact our centres in January 2019 to reserve a spot for the following year!

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Introducing our Kinder Care Teachers for 2018/19

Our Kinder Care Teachers are qualified members of the Discovery Place staff team. Their role is to ensure that the Kinder Care programming is consistent among all of the centres and to ensure a high quality standard for our child care centres. 

From left to right we have Mrs. Rhea (Kim Hung),Ms. Janezza (Rideau Park), Ms. Ana (Donald R. Getty). Ms. Jenny (Dr. Lila Fahlman). Ms. Ana is the acting Kinder Care Coordinator for the Discovery Team.